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(1ª fase - Pre-propostas – 28 Fevereiro 2019 -17:00h CET)
«Farming Systems 2019 (Conserving water and soil in Mediterranean dry-farming, smallholder agriculture)»

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(1ª fase - Pre-propostas – 21 Fevereiro 2019 - 17:00h CET; 2ª fase - Propostas – 4 de setembro 2019)

  • Thematic area: Management of Water:
    • Topic 2.1.1 RIA Bridging the gap between potential and actual irrigation performance in the Mediterranean
    • Topic 2.1.2 RIA Management of low-quality waters under water scarcity and climate change conditions
  • Thematic area: Farming Systems
    • Topic 2.2.1 RIA Small scale farming systems innovation
    • Topic 2.2.2 RIA Use and management of biodiversity as a major lever of sustainability in farming systems
  • Thematic area: Agro-food Value Chain
    • Topic 2.3.1 RIA Extending shelf-life of perishable Mediterranean food products by sustainable technologies and logistics and by optimized pest and microbial control
    • Topic 2.3.2 RIA Enhancing horizontal and vertical integration of Mediterranean agro-food value-chains to foster innovation and sustainability

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